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LED Light Energy

LED lights have been around for many years now. LED light has great benefits over other types of lighting such as compact fluorescent lights. LED light energy has been around since 1960. They have a great lighting. They create a warm and soft glow. They also do not emit UV rays or heat. They are also energy efficient. The LED light uses less than 80% energy to produce the same amount of energy that would be produced by fluorescents. And since lighting produces a significant amount of energy in the household, then your savings can really add up very fast.


LED energy light

LED energy light

LED light energy is very cost effective. This lighting is very cheap compared to the regular incandescent lights and the compact fluorescent lights. Study shows the LED light has a long life span of about 50,000 hours. They cost as little as 95USD unlike CLFs which cost around 159 USD and would operate over the same period of time. However, the price varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of LED lighting.


In addition to that, LED lights can be used in various places such as accent lighting, track lighting, room lighting and outdoor lighting. LED light do not contain any hazardous material. This means that are very eco friendly and safe to use. They also have low maintenance since they do not have any moving parts. However, not all LED lights are genuine, so to be on the safe side, always look for energy star qualified LED lights from manufacturers who have great reputation.